Asked Questions

  • Pump / non-pump device, which one should I choose?

    For the water purifier to operate, it is sufficient for the network pressure to be around 3 bar. In areas where there is no pressure problem, a pumpless water purifier is usually sufficient. One of the advantages of the pump-free device is that it does not need electricity to operate, it costs less maintenance.

    The pumped device is generally preferred according to the needs in high-rise apartments, high-rise settlements or areas where the network pressure is insufficient.

    Regarding the preference of pumped / non-pumped device according to the needs of your home / office You can benefit from the free discovery work and information of our expert technical service teams.

  • How do you use tanks on your devices?

    All of our water treatment devices use NSF approved stainless steel pressure balance tanks. These tanks have options such as 8, 12 liters for domestic use. There is a certain amount of air pressure in the tank to provide pressure at the water outlet. In this way, pressurized water output can be obtained in the water purifier without the need for using the engine (pump).

  • Is installation / assembly free?

    Our first installation / assembly service is free of charge in the regions where our technical service teams are located. In the regions where we work with contracted technical service, a small initial installation fee is collected due to additional costs such as assembly / cargo / service fee.

  • What does Reverse Osmosis mean?

    The RO (Reverse Osmosis) system developed by NASA was first used in the USA in order to meet healthy and clean water needs. While reverse osmosis was originally used to obtain drinking water from sea water on ships, it is now widely used in many areas. Ozmosis, a natural process known for thousands of years, forms the basis of reverse osmosis systems, which is an advanced filtering technology. Osmosis is the process of absorbing water from less dense to very dense. Reverse Osmosis is the process of reversing this process with pressure and using it to separate clean water from a very dense environment.

    It is one of the most conventional methods used to separate any foreign substance in the water from water. This method uses a highly sensitive membrane system. The membrane system is 5-10 armstrong in size and has a porous structure that allows only water molecules to pass. In this way, the membrane system does not allow the passage of any foreign matter such as bacteria, sediment, lime, except water molecules, and clean water is obtained at the membrane outlet.

  • Is technical service paid, how can I benefit?

    Our technical service is free for your devices under warranty. When it comes time for filter replacement of your device, filter changes are made by us for a fee. Apart from that, you do not pay an extra fee since you receive our technical service. You only pay for filter replacement. In case of other malfunctions arising from the possible device, you will benefit from our service free of charge.

  • When Should Filters Change, How Do We Track?

    The recommended timeframe for filter replacement is 6 months. It is recommended to replace Sediment Filter, Active Carbon Filter and Block Carbon Filters, which we call pre-filters, once every 6 months. In the first filter change after the first year of use in the device, in addition to the pre-filters in the device, in addition to the pre-filters, all filters (5 or 6 filters in total according to the device type) and flow (waste throttler) needs to change.

    We follow the filter replacement times for you, we call you to inform you when it is time for replacement.

  • Why Should We Use a Water Purifier?

    One of the most important sources for our survival is Su. The quality of the water we consume increases the quality of life. Today, many people are still using ready-made water for sale in carboys or pet bottles. It can cause many diseases such as cancer in some substances in the carboys and pet bottles that interfere with the water content when it interacts with water, but it is not enough to use it as drinking water.
    However, when you have a water treatment device, you will have the opportunity to use healthy and clean water both as drinking water, in tea and meals and even when washing fruits and vegetables. In this way, you will reach a healthier, more practical and effortless solution and a much more economical solution.
    Increase your quality of life by using Aqua Mina Water Purifier!

  • Do You Really Give 10 Years Warranty?

    As stated in your sales contract, changing the filters regularly every 6 months is necessary for both your health and your device to function properly. In this context, our customers who regularly make filter changes are given free service and parts warranty for 10 years (in the provinces where our technical service teams are located).

    Our periodical maintenance services are provided to our customers free of charge due to the problem in the device during the warranty period (in the provinces where our technical service teams are located). Unfortunately, your devices, whose periodic maintenance is not performed, cannot be evaluated within this scope since they enter the user error.

  • Does Reverse Osmosis process destroy minerals in the water?

    The main starting points of this problem are the companies selling water to the demijohn. Considering the sources that human beings take minerals in all the statements of the World Health Organization realized until now, drinking water has never been shown as the main mineral source of the human body. To give an example; The mineral content in 2000 liters (2 tons) of drinking water is equal to the mineral content in only a quarter glass of milk or half a glass of juice. However, filters such as post carbon / mineral used in the reverse osmosis outlet add mineral content to the purified water and are made ready for use as drinking water.

  • What Does Open System or Closed Enclosure Mean?

    All filters and tank are kept in a closed case in a closed case. It takes up less space, offers a more elegant appearance and the filters inside are inline filters, it is more hygienic due to its single use. Every time you change the filter, your device will be completely renewed.

    The front filters of our open box device are in a chamber called "housing". When the filter is replaced, the filters inside the housing change, the housing is fixed and not changed. Since the water storage tank and its connections are outside, this device is also called open system.

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